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Whether you're a Potterhead, a witch, wizard, squib or a muggle, this quiz is for you. With rounds to test your knowledge on everything Harry Potter, will it get your wand in a knot? 

But wait, there's more?!

That's right. This is NOT JUST A QUIZ. 

There will be Hogsmeade baps available for purchase from 7pm, so you can have a delicious dinner with us before we start, washed down with some butterbeer! 

You think we're stopping there? Think again. 

When you book using the form below, each team will have a Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes Skiving Snackbox waiting for them at their table! (Although don't go thinking puking pastilles will get you out of these OWL's.... Allergy information will be provided.)

Within each Skiving Snackbox will be classic Weasley & Weasley products including:

Fainting Fancies
Puking Pastilles
Fever Fudge
Nosebleed Nougat

Plus some favourites from honeydukes:
Cauldron Cakes
Pumpkin Pasties
Sherbert Lemon
Licorice Snaps
Chocolate Frogs
Salt Water Taffy
Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

Each team will also receive a FREE DRINK per person. Each player can choose between either:
Felix Felicis (Alcoholic) 
Amortentia (Non-alcoholic)
Unfortunately these cannot be exchanged for any of our usual muggle drinks served at The Shoes, and rule breakers will be turned into ferrets. 

We will also be giving out a prize for BEST DRESSED! Now is the time to dust off your dress robes (even if they smell like Great Aunt Tessie) or grab your most foul goblin mask and wow us!

Are you and your team up for the challenge?


Hogsmeade Baps: 7pm
Quiz start: 8pm
Best Dressed Winner

Announcement: 10pm

Fee per team: £20

Team size: Max 6

HP Quiz Poster JPEG.jpg

For quizzical or wizarding enquiries or further information, please contact us:

The Three Horseshoes



TF10 8AP


Tel: 01952 443824


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